•  I will ensure that city codes are vigorously enforced.

  • I  will ensure the Glenarden City Police Department represent professionalism and dedication to the public safety. The police department will be  MORE visible within the city's limit, by having the police do more foot patrols and reconstitute the " Knock and Talk Program".

  • A sense of civic pride must be re-established. Well maintained streets, parks, signs, and trash control should be a given! Neighbors need to look out for neighbors again.

  • We must re-write the City Charter to enable the government to function again. It has been amended haphazardly over the years to such an extent that it conflicts with itself and it is therefore virtually impossible to hold officials accountable for carrying out their responsibilities.

  •  Our municipal center should be a source of pride and satisfaction to every citizen or visitor who happens by for information, services or special events. Professionalism must characterize its operations. Staff must be trained to interact pleasantly with the public. Volunteer assistance from the citizenry should be solicited and those who volunteer should be recognized for their generosity.

  • A timely budgeting process must be put in place to enable us to report to funding authorities at the county, state, and federal levels accurately and timely. There is no excuse for our missing out on scarce funds because of not having a fiscal year budget enacted on time.

  • Re-establish the Dept. of Youth and Family Services to provide for the counseling, mentoring, tutoring, and health needs of our children.

  • We have a growing senior population in the city and our city government needs to provide leadership in ensuring that programs are in place to meet the needs, interests, and desires of our seniors. Our reconstituted Dept. of Youth and Family Services will include an elderly programs capability.

  • Pursue annexation of surrounding residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Economies of scale will enable us to expand municipal services and keep property tax rates low.

  • Establish a citizen planning commission to assess the physical and environmental needs of our city.

  • Establish ongoing partnerships with our business sector for the mutual benefit of all residents and businesses within Glenarden.

  • Midnight Basketball is a Glenarden Legacy. I will help make it a reality again and honor those pioneers who brought it to us, like G. Van Standifer.

By Authority: Friends of Dj Williams
3101 Polk Court
Glenarden, MD 20706
Contact us at 301.773.1767 or mayorwilliams@aol.com

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