April 4, 2011



My name is Donjuan L. Williams and I am writing to seek your support and your vote on May 2, 2011 for the office of MAYOR of the CITY of GLENARDEN.

Some of you may remember me as the three term Mayor of the City of Glenarden from 1995-2001. I left office in 2001 due to term limits. For those of you, who are new to the area, please allow me to take this opportunity to tell you a few things about myself. If you desire additional information and details, please visit my website WWW.MAYORWILLIAMS.COM.

First of all, let me tell you how excited I am to have the possibility of serving you again. As some of you know, I have been a public servant for all of my adult life. Recently, I served three tours of duty in Iraq and Southwest Asia, fighting the war on terrorism. The last two years I have served as a Training Officer at Ft Leavenworth, Kansas for those getting ready to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan. Prior to serving three terms as Mayor, I also served three terms as a Councilmember for Ward I (1989-1995).

As your next MAYOR, I will work to establish strategic partnerships with state, county, and other local elected officials in efforts to strengthen and rebuild the city's reputation and resources.

As your next MAYOR, I will restore accountability to the Office of Mayor. My administration will provide timely, effective and competent constituent services to the citizens of Glenarden. I will recommend and support the rolling back of your property taxes by 4 cents per hundred. The current Mayor and Council RAISED your PROPERTY TAXES while having a SURPLUS of $153,000 according to the last audit.

As your next MAYOR, I will address Crime and Public Safety issues in the following manner: Increase the budget to hire additional law enforcement officers through collaborations with Federal, State and County officials. This will include the installation of security cameras in high risk areas to deter criminal activity. Finally, I will aggressively enforce the city codes that the city council enacted.

As your next MAYOR, I will take steps to advance all citizens access to technology by making the city of Glenarden a Wireless-Fidelity city! This includes updating current technology available in the area and using the city's website as an interactive business tool for all citizens.

In Closing, we all realize that Prince George's County and the city of Glenarden face challenging times in the very near future. I believe that I have a plan to meet those challenges head on and to restore the city of Glenarden through efforts designed to make our city a safe and thriving community.

My administration plans to restore LEADERSHIP and RESPECT to the Office of Mayor. I offer to you once again my exceptional leadership skills, accountability, and integrity for the City that demands nothing less!

On May 2, 2011, please come out to Glenarden City Hall to vote. I am asking for your vote for MAYOR!

Donjuan L. Williams

By authority of Friends of Donjuan Williams

By Authority: Friends of Dj Williams
3101 Polk Court
Glenarden, MD 20706
Contact us at 301.773.1767 or mayorwilliams@aol.com

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